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  • Tom VanTassel

    Tom VanTassel, Manufacturing Engineer, Coarc Manufacturing, celebrated his 27th Anniversary on April 25, 2021.... Learn More

  • Kim Kline

    Kim Kline, Assembly Packer 2, Coarc Manufacturing, celebrated her 28th Anniversary on April 19, 2021.... Learn More

  • Mary Beth Reutenauer

    Mary Beth Reutenauer, Accounts Payable Processor, Finance Department, celebrated her 31st Anniversary on February 20, 2021.... Learn More

  • Teresa Avery

    Teresa Avery, Cardinal Hall Assistant Program Manager, celebrated her 28th Anniversary on February 1, 2021.... Learn More

  • Lisa Rodriguez-Ferguson

    Lisa Rodriguez-Ferguson, Cardinal Hall Registered Nurse, celebrated her 26th Anniversary on January 3, 2021.... Learn More

  • Beverly Whitbeck

    Every single day, direct support professionals provide supports and services to individuals experiencing disabilities and to their families. Being a direct support professional is not a job where you are going to earn a lot of money. “It is a job where, at the end of the day, you know you helped someone to have a better day; you made someone smile or helped them to do something they couldn’t d... Learn More