COARC's Services
Residential and living alternativesResidential and Living Alternatives Go to the Residential Alternatives page

Coarc's Residential Program provides individuals with disabilities a variety of housing options. With over twenty-five residential sites throughout the county from Germantown north to Valatie, Coarc strives to offer person-centered housing options, tailored to meet individual needs.

Work servicesWork ServicesGo to the Work Services page

Coarc creates employment opportunities designed to meet the variety needs and desires of individual experiencing developmental disabilities. Coarc has community based job development, job placement, and onsite job coaching services as well as an assortment of in-house jobs where individuals can receive additional staff supports to work on a array of work-related skills. Our goal is to maximize each person's ability to have meaningful employment to ensure each individual is leading the fullest, most independent life possible.

Day activity programsDay Activity ProgramsGo to the Day Activity Programs page

Day Activity Programs offer individuals experiencing disabilities the opportunity to use and develop their abilities in the community through recreation, community involvement, and volunteerism. The many programs provide a warm, enriching environment in which individuals can learn and experience all that life has to offer. Services can be individualized to pursue a desired lifestyle and are tailored to be as practical and unique as each person's interests and desires.

Service coordinationService CoordinationGo to the Service Coordination page

Finding what services are right for you can be difficult. Applying for and actually getting services can be even harder, and this makes Service Coordination an essential programs for any individual who meets its eligibility requirements. Service Coordination is usually the best place for people to start when they begin looking for services.

Individuals can work with their own Service Coordinator, who is an expert on the services that may be available, and then the Service Coordinator can help advocate and acquire the services that a person needs and/or desires. The Service Coordinator is integral in the process of providing a person with the means for independence and community integration, and they also help assure that all services are specifically tailored to meet each person’s needs.

Advocacy servicesAdvocacy and Legal ServicesGo to the Legal and Family Support page

Finding your way through "the system" can be tricky and there are many details, including legal issues, surrounding a loved one with a disability. Issues such as securing the appropriate federal and state assistance and establishing legal guardianship are complex and may require expert assistance.

Children's servicesChildren's ServicesGo to the Children's Services page

Some of the most important assistance Coarc provides is to children with disabilities. When Coarc gets involved early in a child's development, remarkable progress can be made. Difficulties can be lessened or eliminated and behaviors can be modified or changed thereby assisting a child to reach his or her fullest potential

Recreation opportunitiesRecreation OpportunitiesGo to the Recreation Opportunities page

Coarc's recreation program strives to offer individuals with disabilities the opportunity for relaxation and fun! An individual may participate in athletic events (active or spectator), social gatherings, hobbies, and community events that ultimately lead to integration into the community.

At-home and respite servicesAt-Home and Respite ServicesGo to the At-Home and Respite Services page

Coarc has several programs that can help give caregivers a much needed break from the demands of their constant duties. Whether it is a few hours or an entire weekend, Coarc can plan to provide the care needs for both children and adults so parents and caregivers can get away and have a little time of their own.

ISO contract manufacturingISO Contract ManufacturingGo to the Contract Manufacturing page

As an ISO 9001-2008 compliant and FDA registered facility, our expertise is backed by a strong labor force with qualified personnel guaranteeing a quality, on-time product for both high volume assembly and specialized lower volume requirements. We monitor and inspect every step of the production process to ensure a quality product - first time, every time.

Traumatic Brain Injury ServicesGo to the Traumatic Brain Injury Services page

Coarc professionals now provide support services to adults with traumatic brain injuries who either live in Columbia County or Greene County, New York. 

Services and eligibilityHow to Get Services and EligibilityGo to the How to Get Services & Eligibility page

Many of the different services that Coarc offers have varying eligibility requirements. Coarc can assist individuals with both specific questions regarding eligibility status or a psychological evaluation to help establish program eligibility should one be needed.