Expanding abilities one person at a time

Your child can prepare for public school at The Starting Place (TSP), working on goals set by you and your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Our curriculum meets New York State preschool learning standards. Your child can learn to recognize letters, colors, and shapes. You child can learn to play with other children and enjoy social interactions with our staff. All the students in our self-contained classroom are children with disabilities. In our integrated classrooms, students with disabilities learn with daycare children the same age.

The Starting Place is licensed for 48 children, including special education preschoolers and those enrolled for daycare. We have 4 classrooms, a nurse’s office, a room for occupational and physical therapy, a room for speech therapy, and one for social work. We have two outside playgrounds that are fenced for safety, with space to ride tricycles and scooters on the lower playground.

Our self-contained class is staffed with a master level special education teacher and 4 teacher assistants/aides for 12 preschool children. Our integrated classes are staffed with a master level special education teacher and 2 teacher assistants/ aides for 12 preschool children (6 preschoolers with disabilities and 6 daycare children). Integrated classes offer a one-on-one teacher aide when indicated on your child’s IEP and requested by your school district and county. TSP staff also includes speech language pathologists, a occupational therapist, a clinical social worker, and a full time registered nurse.

The Starting Place

Special education classes are Monday through Friday following the Hudson City School District calendar. We have a ten month special education session and a two month (six week) extended school year option. Our integrated classrooms and self-contained class offer a 5 hour school day 8:30 am-1:30 pm. Bus transportation for special education preschoolers is provided by each county of residence.