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Service Coordination

Finding what services are right for you can be difficult. Applying for and actually getting services can be even harder, and this makes Service Coordination an essential program for any individual who meets its eligibility requirements. Service Coordination is usually the best place for people to start when they begin looking for services.

Individuals can work with their own Service Coordinator, who is an expert on the services that may be available, and then the Service Coordinator can help advocate and acquire the services that a person needs and/or desires. The Service Coordinator is integral in the process of providing a person with the means for independence and community integration, and they also help assure that all services are specifically tailored to meet each person's needs.

A Service Coordinator acts as liaison between an individual experiencing a developmental disability, Coarc, outside care providers, and all other organizations an individual may be involved with. Service Coordinators facilitate communication among all involved parties while advocating for the hopes, wishes, and desires of the individual. For example, a consumer may ask for assistance in changing residential locations, need support in investigating employment opportunities, or require advocacy with unsatisfying service providers. A Service Coordinator would help the consumer organize the details necessary to achieve these goals.

The Service Coordinator also coordinates the major activities in an individual's life by helping to transport the person to appointments when necessary, seeking appropriate services when needed, working with family members of the individuals and provide additional services when appropriate or necessary. Service coordination is available to individuals older than three years of age and is funded through Medicaid.

For more information about our Service Coordination program and to find out if you are eligible for the services Coarc offers, please contact Alex Schneider at Coarc's Main Headquarters or email us at