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Residential & Living Alternatives

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Coarc's Residential Program provides individuals experiencing disabilities a variety of housing options. With over twenty-five residential sites throughout Columbia County from Germantown north to Valatie, Coarc strives to offer person-centered housing options, tailored to meet individual needs.

In each setting, trained staff are available to assist with dietary, self care, money management, recreation and a variety of other needs. In some settings Staff Support is available 24-hours a day, for other sites Staff support may be daily or even just weekly-it is all based upon individual needs.

Supervised Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs) are sometimes known as "supervised group homes" and are designed specifically to allow residents as much independence in their daily activities as possible. Homes are staffed 24 hours a day, seven day a week by trained direct support professionals who help manage the day to day life activities of all the program's residents. And although support is always available, because it is extremely personalized where different people receive different supports, each home can look and feel very different from the next. Coarc is actively moving toward opening smaller homes that support between three and five people, but some of our older homes are somewhat larger and support as many as nine residents. Homes are located both in rural and urban settings and home placements are always based upon the personal preferences of the individual in the program. Check out an interview with Darren Elmendorf about what it's like to live in a Supervised IRA.

Coarc's Supportive Apartment Program currently operates about fifteen different apartments throughout Columbia County and provides services to over twenty individuals. Although many of the goals are similar to those in the supervised IRA (or group home) program, the individuals in this program receive less than 24 hours of support per day. Individuals still receive support with activities like banking, cooking, shopping, and setting up medical appointments, however individuals in this program must also be very self-reliant and be able to access the community independently.

Coarc's Intensive IRA Facilities offer housing to individuals who have more medically and/or behaviorally intensive concerns. These homes offer additional residential, clinical, and staff supports that include on-site nursing and behavior management as well as awake overnight staff that allow for a more immediate response to each individual's needs. These homes also care for individuals with autism.

Coarc's goal for the all of our residential programs is to provide safe and comfortable homes that gives every individual the opportunity to experience an independent and meaningful life.

For more information about residential alternatives, please contact Coarc's Main Headquarters or email us at Or feel free to fill out an Application for Services, including the Application Attachment Sheet.  For additional information regarding the application click here