Expanding abilities one person at a time

Caregiver Support

If you are the caregiver of a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities who lives in your home in Columbia County, NY, and is OPWDD eligible, you can take a break with Coarc Respite Services. Our Hourly Waiver Respite and Overnight Respite services are scheduled seven days a week except holidays.

Hourly Waiver Respite offers people of all ages one-on-one time with a Coarc Direct Support Professional at home or in the community. This planned respite gives you as caretaker time to run your errands. Your loved one chooses the activity, such as horseback riding, sports, arts and crafts or an activity in the community. Coarc staff provides the transportation.

For people who prefer group activities for socialization and community integration, we offer Hourly Waiver Respite groups. These are staffed three-to-one. Our Saturday Recreational and Athletic Program (RAP) and Friday Night Respite (FNR) are for children/young adults ages 6 to 21 years. Our Teen Club group is for ages 13 to 19 years and our Community Adult Program (CAP) is for ages 21 and older. As the caregiver, you provide transportation to and from our respite groups, while Coarc staff provides transportation for the group activities.

Our Overnight Respite allows a caregiver to have planned overnight, weekend or a week of respite. People of all ages receive one-on-one staffing at home and for outings in the community to enjoy the activities they choose. Coarc staff provides transportation.