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Recreation Opportunities

Coarc's recreation program strives to offer individuals with disabilities the opportunity for relaxation and fun! An individual may participate in athletic events (active or spectator), social gatherings, hobbies, and community events that ultimately lead to integration into the community.

NYSARC Trusts Award Recreation Grant to Coarc

Camp Mahican - a summer day camp
      Camp Mahican is the first program operated by Coarc and began in 1966. This program provides all children ages five to sixteen who experience a disability the opportunity to learn and play in a safe, yet challenging environment.

The Camp is located in Copake, New York, and offers a variety of activities. Some of the daily summer activities include outdoor sports and physical activity through the use of the 2+ acres turf-play area, newly constructed regulation basketball court, universally-accessible playground, and beach front where children receive American Red Cross fresh water swim instruction. There are also an assortment of Indoor and Pavilion activities that include a variety of art projects providing stimulation and an outlet for creativity as well as board and table games which encourage campers to interact and socialize with one another. A fun but structured play area provides each child the opportunity to learn skills needed to work independently and in groups.

Additional funding for Camp Mahican comes from membership dues, grants, and donations. The Camp is the only day camp of its kind within Columbia County, and services are provided free-of-charge to any child eligible to attend. Transportation to and from the Camp is also included.

RAP - Weekend Recreation and Athletic Program

Coarc offers this one-of-a-kind program weekend Recreation and Athletic Program, or R.A.P to all children and young adults with disabilities in Columbia County. Activities are generally offered on Saturdays between 10am and 3pm in Hudson, and vary depending on the needs and desires of the attendees. Activities are always age-appropriate, include physical and passive play, incorporate community interaction, and are tons of fun! Past activities have ranged from swimming to horseback riding!

This innovative program offers individuals an opportunity to interact with their peers in a safe, structured, supportive environment and also affords primary caregivers the opportunity for a much needed break from the continuous demands of raising a child with special needs. This program is offered free-of-charge to all eligible children and young adults.

For more information about our recreation programs, please contact Coarc's Main Headquarters or email us at Or feel free to fill out an Application for Services, including the Application Attachment Sheet.  For additional information regarding the application click here