Expanding abilities one person at a time

Ability Link Program

Coarc introduced an exciting new program in 2020 called, Ability Link. The program is designed to assist young adults transitioning from school to post school activities. These include; career exploration, work experiences and learning employability skills.

The independent living skills-based portion of the program teaches essential skills including; cooking, budgeting, shopping, cleaning, medication management and accessing public transportation.

The young adults follow a curriculum designed to help them meet goals that are meaningful to them. Progress is measured through an ongoing assessment process. In 2020 there were five people enrolled in the program. At last count in 2022, the program is up to 12 people enrolled.

Upon program completion, participants receive a Personal and Vocational Portfolio. This portfolio will contain a resume, internship history, assessment and evaluation outcomes, a competency profile, awards or recognitions received and recommendations for further supportive services if required. Young adults enrolled will progress through the program with the goal of completing within 18 months.  The Ability Link Program operates 5 days a week, Monday through Friday at 350 Fairview Avenue in Hudson.