Expanding abilities one person at a time

2017 Annual Report

A Message from the President

When we finally live in a world where we look at the person, not the disability, we will see the opportunities, not the limitations. Regardless of color, gender, physical appearance, or capacity to learn, when presented with possibilities, dreams grow, skills develop, confidence builds, and “You can’t” is replaced with “Oh, yes you can.” Here at Coarc, our staff members work every day to recognize and foster relationships that lead to possibilities for the wonderfully talented individuals we serve. We have worked hard to showcase to the community the possibilities that our individuals have made into reality.

Thanks to our staff, we have been able to showcase how creating possibilities leads to fulfillment of potential. It leads to success, which leads to confidence, hope, continued effort, and
greater success. As we showcase our successes, our community continues to embrace us and the individuals we support. We ask everyone we meet to understand that people living with disabilities are indeed people first and that, given the opportunity, they too will be wonderfully successful and live a full life.

Dodie Wheeler
Coarc Board of Directors

Click here to download a pdf of the 2017 annual report for Coarc.