Expanding AbilitiesOne Person at a Time

“We are the parents of a man who has received services from Coarc for many years. Relying on others to care for your child, when it is not possible for you to do so, is amongst the hardest challenges a parent will ever face. Over the last several weeks, we have watched Coarc DSPs, step up and step in. When others have the ability to work from home, they do not. They leave their families every day to support people, like our child. They have the same fears that all of us have.. concern over their health, the health of their families and the health of the people they support. In spite of those fears, they continue to do their jobs with care, compassion, creativity, kindness and wisdom. When the world has turned upside down, they are stability, the people who make sure that people, like our son, feel safe and loved.

DSPs are essential workers on the frontlines who not nearly often enough receive the respect, pay and admiration they deserve. I want you all to know, the families of those you support see you and we are grateful. Behind the scenes, there are employees who are shopping, taking care of medical appointments, benefits and all of the other things that must be done. Thank you. On behalf of our family, please accept our sincere gratitude for all that you continue to selflessly do. You are heroes.”

Anonymous Coarc Family