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Coarc Awarded $52,877 in Grants from NYSARC Trust Services

to support guardianship and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in Columbia County




AUGUST 4, 2023


Coarc, a not-for-profit organization supporting people with disabilities in Columbia County, has been awarded $52,877 in grants from the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services to support Coarc’s guardianship and recreation programs.


NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts (SNT) and pooled trusts that can make dramatic improvements to the lives of people with disabilities by enabling individuals to maintain financial eligibility for Medicaid and other means-tested government benefit programs. For 2023, NYSARC Trust Services is proud to fulfill its commitment to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by awarding a total of $2,697,980 to The Arc New York Chapters statewide.


This year, Coarc received $42,050 to provide guardianship services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who would not otherwise have a legal guardian or advocate.


NYSARC Trust Services also awarded Coarc $10,827 to support new recreational opportunities and enrich the lives of the approximately 350 individuals it serves. Coarc plans to use the recreation grant funds to provide opportunities for enjoyable and educational activities and experiences for people supported throughout the agency.




About Coarc


Coarc is the Columbia County Chapter of The Arc New York. Established in 1965, Coarc currently serves approximately 350 people living with intellectual and developmental differences. To learn more about Coarc, please visit www.coarc.org.


About NYSARC Trust Services


NYSARC Trust Services has administered supplemental needs trusts since 1972, helping thousands of people with disabilities protect their eligibility for government benefits and improve their quality of life. Our trust programs give people with disabilities the opportunity to maintain comfort and independence in the community while providing peace of mind to their family and loved ones.


NYSARC Trust Services provides administration of first- and third-party pooled supplemental needs trusts to help families plan for the future of a loved one with a disability, preserve income and assets for Medicaid planning purposes and long-term care needs, and protect unexpected windfalls of money.


For more information, please call (518) 439-8323 or visit us online www.nysarctrustservices.org