Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Mission

To expand abilities, one person at a time, so individuals experiencing disabilities can achieve their individual goals.

Our Vision

To be an ethical organization that is part of a society that recognizes people with different degrees of abilities as full contributing members of their community.

Our Beliefs

  • We respect CHOICE and support individuals in expanding their abilities and determining the direction of their own lives.
  • We recognize our COMMUNITY as a resource for expanding opportunities and enriching individuals' lives through the sharing of common values and interests.
  • We achieve healthier attitudes, broader understanding, and greater individual and organizational success through the use of TEAMWORK.
  • We rely upon effective COMMUNICATION created by listening without judging and the open exchange of ideas throughout all levels in the organization.
  • We recognize the value gained from the learning experience, especially when people are EMPOWERED and given the tools and support needed to expand their abilities and realize their goals.
  • We recognize and value WELLNESS, promoting healthier lifestyles that foster overall happiness and improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.

Our Values

  • We support Columbia County individuals who are experiencing disabilities to make choices and set their own goals. Our professionals assist them and their families, guardians and advocates to create individualized plans for achieving these goals. We provide the education, tools and support needed for growth, empowerment and greater independence. Children and teens are nurtured by The Starting Place, Camp Mahican and our weekend recreational program benefit. Families benefit from our advocacy and legal services, service coordination, at-home services and respite for caregivers. Our day habilitation, employment and residential programs serve young adults to seniors.
  • We also partner with others in our community to enrich the lives of individuals who experience abilities. Our Columbia Work Link program develops job opportunities at area businesses, matching employers with qualified workers with skills that fit. Individuals who attend our programs participate in public arts, sports and holiday celebrations and they volunteer at other community organizations. Many of our neighbors, friends, families and business associates are Coarc members, giving us a greater voice to advocate on behalf of those we support. They help us open hearts and minds, overcoming barriers to build a society where all people are recognized as full contributing members of our community.
  • Coarc Contract Manufacturing delivers quality assured manufacturing at our two ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities while providing skilled employment opportunities for individuals who experience disabilities. Our quality policy at Coarc Contract Manufacturing is to be an ethical customer-oriented workforce, continuously improving to meet our customers’ needs in a timely manner. Our customized manufacturing services can be contracted at competitive pricing as parts, subassemblies or complete turnkey solutions to meet the business needs of our customers.
  • The dedication of Coarc employees is our best asset in supporting others as they face the challenges of meeting their goals. We respect our staff members’ ideas, experiences and skills, encouraging a culture of open communication. Coarc employees grow professionally through our training, mentoring and Career Ladder programs. We offer benefits that enhance our employees’ quality of life, including a generous paid time off package, tuition reimbursement and health care benefits. We promote an environment where employees enjoy a rewarding and meaningful career.
  • At Coarc we all work together as a team to achieve individual and organizational success. We listen to each other and encourage the exchange of ideas, bringing innovation to Coarc and to our field of services. Our mission to expand abilities is never complete because the full potential of every person is boundless.