Coarc Volunteer Opportunities | Become Involved




Coarc is always looking for Volunteers… and it’s nice to give back to an agency that gives so much to the community.”

Coarc has a host of Volunteer Opportunities, we’re sure there’s one that’s right for you. Volunteer Opportunities include:

Coarc’s Community Day and Annual Fishing Derby Volunteers are needed the day of the event and can assist by overseeing game booths or one of our bounce houses. We will also need volunteers who can master the BBQ grill or help us by setting up or breaking down the event.

Annual Flag Day Parade
Volunteers are needed to assist with our annual float preparations (nights and weekends), and the day of the event we will need volunteers who assist/walk with the Coarc marchers.

Volunteer at our Day Habilitation Programs
Our day programs are constantly going out into the community and volunteering at local schools and charities, but volunteers are welcome to come to our day programs and volunteer: whether it’s playing cards, making art, playing music, or assisting us in the community as we deliver food for Meals-on Wheels, we can benefit from your support.

Volunteer with a Group of Coarc Self Advocates
Many of the individuals Coarc supports have formed a Self Advocacy Group called “4 Ourselves“. This group is not overseen by Coarc, but instead is fully operated by the people Coarc supports. “4 Ourselves” would be happy to have volunteers to help them as they raise funds for social event or advisors to assist them in organizing their meetings.

The Starting Place Preschool
The Starting Place Preschool is happy to have volunteers who love children and love to read.If you have a favorite book that you’d like to share with our preschoolers, The Starting Place has a volunteer opportunity for you!

Become an Advocate or Correspondent for someone in our Residential Program
Many of the people that live in homes supported by Coarc are very close to their families and have wonderful social lives outside of Coarc, but like the rest of the world some of the people we support do not have many friends or an involved family. Some of our residents are interested in having people outside of Coarc with whom they can foster relationships. If this is something that you think you might be interested in, please let us know and you could not only be giving something to Coarc, you might just get something in return…like a friend.

Operation Pumpkin
Operation Pumpkin provides everyone in the community, both individuals who experiencing disabilities and those who don’t, with a safe and fun Halloween experience. Volunteers are needed the day of the event and can either help as tour guides, crowd control; or if they’d like to help provide a fright, they can help us in our haunted house by becoming a scary character!

Coarc’s Golf Tournament
Coarc is looking for volunteers to help make this year’s Golf Tournament the best it’s ever been. We would be happy to have volunteers who can help us in our fundraising efforts before the event, or the day of the event we will need volunteers to help us run the logistics, raffles, and games.

Coarc also has all kinds of other great volunteer opportunities whether it’s helping us run our Safety Town – community bike safety event in the summer, or helping us raise funds for many expansion projects. Coarc needs you!

Please contact Coarc’s Main Headquarters at (518) 672-4451 or email us at info@coarc.orgfor more information.