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Services and Benefits

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) opens the door to most services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Coarc service coordinators are experts on OPWDD services, benefits and providers. Coarc Medicaid Service Coordination is available to people with disabilities, three years of age and older in Columbia County, NY.

Your Coarc service coordinator meets with you and your family to learn your personal goals and dreams. These are written down into your own Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Then your service coordinator uses this person-centered plan to acquire the services and benefits that you need to achieve your goals. Your Coarc service coordinator can help you get and maintain services from all providers, not just Coarc services.

Your service coordinator makes sure that all your services are tailored to support your ISP goals. If you are unsatisfied with a service, your service coordinator will advocate for you with the provider. You can also ask your service coordinator for help with the details of major activities in your life, such as applying for a job or changing where you live.