Day Habilitation Program Job Openings

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Coarc has four Day Habilitation Programs located throughout Columbia County, NY. Our programs include: Cardinal Hall, Dove Hall, Evergreen Hall, and Fusion.


Job openings:

Direct Support Professional

Registered Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse



About these programs:

Cardinal Hall, Hudson, NY

  • Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities come to Cardinal Hall day habilitation for supports to meet their goals for greater independence and community inclusion. Cardinal Hall is a bright and cheerful environment in Hudson.

  • Individuals in the program can join in small adult education groups to practice reading and writing. They can learn to manage their money and budget for activities; improve their computer skills and learn to cook; build relationships in small group discussions; and enjoy recreational games, puzzles, music, and sewing.

  • Individuals attending Cardinal Hall also practice safety skills in the community. Community activities include visiting parks, restaurants, and shops. They might visit the Humane Society, airport, train station, museums, and the library. Individuals in the program also contribute to the community through volunteer work delivering Meals on Wheels.

  • A wide variety of staff works on site, including Direct Support Professionals, managers, nurses, a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, nutritionist, and social worker.

  • Cardinal Hall is open weekdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except holidays.


Dove Hall, Hudson, NY

  • Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in enjoy group day habilitation activities at Dove Hall. We are located on Warren Street in Hudson. Dove Hall offers a homelike setting with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and office space. Individuals and staff can walk to nearby parks, restaurants, and shops.

  • Dove Hall adult education activities support individuals in achieving their goals. They can choose to develop their computer skills or improve reading and writing; practice safety skills for greater independence; and learn to make healthy lunches and bake for special occasions. You can often see their artistic creations decorating the windows on Warren Street for the holidays and for other Coarc projects and events.

  • At Dove Hall, we go out daily. We contribute to the community by volunteering to deliver Meals on Wheels. In the spring and summer we tend our garden. When the vegetables are ready, we share them with Meals on Wheels recipients. We also deliver food to Coarc’s Camp Mahican in July. We enjoy bingo at the Senior Center where all Dove Hall adults are welcome regardless of age. Other community activities include shopping, dining out, visiting the Humane Society, and going to parks.

  • We have access to nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology services as needed, also nutrition and social work. Dove Hall is open weekdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except for holidays.


Evergreen Hall, Valatie, NY

  • Young adults to seniors with intellectual and developmental disabilities come to Evergreen Hall day habilitation for a wide variety of activities and supports. They choose what they want to do to reach their personal goals.

  • Individuals can develop their reading and communication skills by joining in our adult education discussion groups and practicing with flash cards. They can learn to use a computer and an iPad; and build independence in our “Real Life Math” series of math at the department store, in the mall, at home, and on the calculator. Adults with more profound disabilities, including autism, can enjoy sensory-rich activities with digital book readers, tactile exercises, and visits to our sensory room. Visiting experts from the Columbia County Historical Society, the Columbia County Land Conservancy, and the Mud Creek Environmental Learning Center teach us about local history and habitat.

  • We contribute to our community and build job skills through volunteer work. We craft “Feel Better Bags” and deliver them to children at Columbia Memorial Hospital and Urgent Care. We collect, sort, and cut coupons to support our troops. We deliver Meals on Wheels and we price items at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store. We care for cats at Animalkind and travel to Woodstock to volunteer at the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.

  • Individuals can sing and play music along with visiting performers, do karaoke, engage in art projects, attend performances in the community, and so much more. Evergreen Hall has hosted a professional artist and exhibited our work at the Hudson Opera House and Omi International Arts Center. We go to performances at the Troy City Music Hall, Proctor’s Theatre, and Mac-Haydn Theatre. We visit regional museums, hiking trails, restaurants, malls, and movie theatres. We go to the community center for lunch and bingo every week.

  • Direct Support Professionals, program managers, two nurses, and an activities coordinator are on site full-time. We offer many clinical supports, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, occupational therapy, social work, and speech language pathology services are regularly scheduled and available as needed.

  • Evergreen Hall has a one level, open floor plan and restrooms that are fully accessible and meet all ADA requirements. It is bright and cheerful, decorated with artwork made by people at Evergreen Hall. We have mat rooms and a full kitchen. Our sensory room can provide a soothing or stimulating environment. We have a conference room for family reviews or meetings. Evergreen Hall is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except for major holidays.


Fusion, Mellenville, NY

  • Coarc Fusion Services offer day habilitation services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are eligible for OPWDD funded services. We also offer these services to teens with disabilities, ages 17 years and older, as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

  • Our personal, social, and vocational supports assist people in achieving their goals to live in their community. We match individuals’ needs and interests with day habilitation activities such as cooking healthy meals in our full kitchen, crafting or gardening. We have two large day habilitation program rooms with large windows and lots of natural light.

  • We frequently go out into the community to enjoy a performance, go for a hike, or play kick ball at the local park (and so much more!).

  • At Fusion, we do plays (Our most recent was “The Trial of Alice in Wonderland”), films (we are currently creating a documentary!), sing-alongs, art projects, and many other creative projects. We talk about current events, including politics and the latest news-worthy items. We play games, trivia, Zumba, and exercise and stretch daily. We do meditation with the Won Dharma Center and expressive artwork with Art Omi (Omi International Arts Center). Individuals also attend the Coarc-to-College program (at Columbia-Greene Community College).

  • Fusion Services Day Habilitation Program offers a lot of independence. Fusion is staffed with Direct Support Professionals, managers, and clinical supports, including social work, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Fusion is open weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. We are closed all major holidays.