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Employee Wellness

Coarc's Wellness Committee welcomes you to our wellness information page! Please read below to view some of our wellness initiatives. Thank you for your commitment to wellness.

Wellness Committee members
Theresa Potts, Heather Space, Bruce Drake, Andrew Simmons, Tanya Rivera, Barbara Mason, Shelby Ensign, Christy Erdmann, Kristie Scutt, Melaney Wilson, Kathy Marsters, Mikki Kay & Roy Ford.
Wellness Resources

The Biggest Loser Contest

 To promote teamwork, fun and enthusiasm surrounding 
 wellness, the Wellness committee periodically offers the  
 Biggest Loser Contest! This contest challenges and 
 encourages contestants to shed pounds in a safe and healthy 
 manner through diet & exercise. 

 Be sure to join the fun when this is offered again! 

  Active for Life (through the American Cancer 
  • This is a 10 week online program that allows participants the ability to set their own individualized activity goal and track their progress day by day – week by week.

    Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

    Available for CDPHP members online.Take this easy 15 minutes health assessment and get informed about your health.Instantly earn 50 Lifepoints which may be exchanged for gift cards or merchandise!

  • Lifepoints (offered by CDPHP)

      Members begin by taking their Personal Health Assessment and then may choose to go on and 
      earn other Wellness related points that may be exchanged for a value up to $365 per year.
  •  If you have questions regarding the PHA or Lifepoints please contact Theresa Potts at 518-672-  4451 x 2142.

  • Weight Watchers at Work

  • Meeting is typically 15 min. for confidential weigh-in & 30 min. for meeting topic. The Program runs for 12 weeks. The cost for the entire program is $144 and is paid up front at the registration session (check or credit card). This equals $12 per session. The cost of this program is reimbursable by HRA/FSA with a specific Dr.'s note.

    Smoking Cessation

    Cold Laser Therapy with Susan Redhead
    Susan Redhead is a certified technician since 1998 and operates under Laser Concept. Ms. Redhead uses a low level laser (also known as a therapeutic or cold laser). It works along the same principle as acupuncture but no needles and no pain. The points that are worked on are located on the ears, nose, hands, wrist, and forearm. The treatment is relaxing and pleasant. The cost is $225 and is fully reimbursable with the HRA account. For more information call Theresa Potts at 518-672-4451, X2142.

    Coarc's Wellness Committee offers an annual walking challenge.  Questions about the walking challenge? Call Theresa Potts 518-672-4451 x2142.


    The Wellness Committee is looking to recognize those individuals who participate in healthy lifestyle activities while sharing positive stories that motivate and inspire others. If you would like to share your wellness story please contact any member of Coarc's Wellness Commitee. 

  • Coarc Wellness Philosophy

    Click here for a printable version»

    The vision of Coarc's Wellness Committee is to optimize the quality of life for staff and the individuals we serve by encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is our hope that with increased focus on wellness and prevention, agency morale and the overall wellbeing of all  staff and the individuals we serve will benefit by achieving meaningful results that increase 
     quality of life, longevity and happiness.

    Our mission is to enhance our organizational health by fostering interest, being a resource, encouraging all to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles, implementing diverse wellness initiatives, recognizing those who participate in healthy lifestyle activities, decreasing absenteeism due to illness and stress and developing a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all.