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School to Work

Students with disabilities learn work readiness skills and explore careers through Coarc School to Work internships. These are available to students ages 14 to 21 years who are enrolled in high school in Columbia County or border communities. Students get one-on-one transition counseling and job training at a variety of community workplace internships from a professional Coarc job coach. This transition service prepares students for long-term community employment in adult life.

    Students participate in person-centered planning to learn their interests. They work with different employers and management styles, learn the responsibilities of maintaining a job, gain insight into career options and receive on the job training and support. When a student, family, employer, school district and Coarc staff become comfortable with an internship, our  job coach support  will begin to fade, increasing the  independence by spending less and less time during each work shift.

    School to Work internships are coordinated with each school’s Committee of Special Education to meet the identified vocational needs of each student’s Individualized Education Plan. School to Work services meet New York State Education Department Learning Standards. Internships are scheduled during school hours following the school calendar year. We also offer a 6 week summer session. School to Work services are funded by each student’s school district, which also provides transportation to internships.

    For more information please contact Shannon Frick, M.A., School-to-Work Coordinator, 518-828-5087 x103 or