Employment at COARC
Coarc Employee Testimonials

No one can speak better about what it is like to work at Coarc than our Employees!

"I had never expected that I would meet so many awesome people at work in the Coarc programs. I have had fantastic experiences with so many of the individuals that I have worked for; from personal shopping with the individuals we serve in residential to working the day program at Evergreen Hall and PHC locations."

"I have talked, joked, smiled and laughed and began great relationships with so many. I love working day program and I always love working residential when I am needed. The time I spend at work is rewarding and I am very happy being a part of the direct support staff at PHC day program."

Susan Williams
Previous Support Services Assistant
Currently an Intensive IRA Residence Counselor
Valued Employee since March, 2008

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For more information, please email our Recruiter at: employment@coarc.org