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Coarc Manufacturing

Coarc Manufacturing offers a full range of services that can be contracted as parts, sub-assemblies or complete turnkey solutions at competitive pricing:

  • Injection Molding
  • Plastics decoration, sonic, RF, spin welding
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Fulfillment
  • Mold procurement

Our two modern, air conditioned facilities are fully equipped to meet our customers’ needs:

  • Combined space of 62,000 sq. feet
  • Computerized molding equipment, incorporating robot interface and closed loop processing
  • Clean room assembly areas
  • Full range of ancillary equipment:
  • Sprue pickers & robots
  • Dryers
  • Mold temperature controllers
  • Automatic parts handling equipment

Our commitment to quality:
  • We are an ethical, customer-oriented workforce, continuously improving to meet our
       customers’ needs in a timely manner.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 Management Policy System compliant and FDA registered
  • We offer purpose driven manufacturing to meet the goals of our customers.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility:
  • We seek to use materials that are easily recycled and to promote recycling.
  • Coarc is also an ISO 9001:2008 compliant Contract Manufacturer that offers a full range of services, including injection molding, mold procurement, plastics decoration, spin welding, assembly and packaging, and fulfillment.
  • We offer new biodegradable resin technologies such as PLA, which will decompose when
  • We capture the typical ’waste’ process heat produced in our plant facilities and recycle it
       to heat the buildings in the cooler months.
  • We employ solar panels to offset our power demand and feed back to the power company when operations are not in use.
  • We are planning a future selection of molding equipment that will have low energy costs
       due to state-of-the-industry design. These fully electric machines will encompass the
      latest technologies in hydraulic controls.

For more information about Coarc Manufacturing services, contact us at or 518-672-4451.

Coarc Manufacturing
630 Route 217, Mellenville, NY 12544